2020 WNC Halo Star Lion

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Important! Stamp Color and Disc's Inner Color Will Vary. Halo Effect May Also Vary in Appearance. 

The USDGC is even more special this year because the Women’s National Championship returns to Winthrop for the first time in more than 20 years.

The women’s game has risen to new heights since 2000 and those watching will be in for an incredible show with today’s top women disc golfers battling head to head on the sacred Winthrop grounds.

Fundraising: These special edition Halo Star Lions will help fundraise for the Women’s National Championship.

How this batch feels:

  • Moderate Dome
  • All 180 grams
  • All Blue

For more info on the USDGC go to usdgc.com or follow USDGC on Facebook.