Battle 83 Tee

100% of 100

Disc golf had a huge development when Innova created the modern day golf disc in 1983. What else was big in the early 80’s? Video game Arcades, of course.

Innova’s Matt Peckham, an aficionado of both pastimes, combined the two for this new throwback tee.

Material: 100% Cotton.

How it feels: With its super soft, light-weight feel (5 oz.), this shirt will be an instant classic in your wardrobe.

More about the design:

The shirt is based on the 1980s Battlezone arcade game in which players are tasked with taking down enemy tanks. The game was equipped with a periscope which provided a 3-D-like view of the battlefield (pretty cutting edge for the time!).  




Peckham, who remembered frequenting an arcade with that game and other vector graphic based games, takes that Battlezone idea and translates it to disc golf. Instead of tanks in your sites, you’re ready to hit the disc golf target for the high score.