Carnage Tiki Champion Ontario Roc

The Carnage Tiki - with its maniacal grin, it’s sure to inspire disc golfers to shred every course they encounter.

More about the Champion Ontario Roc:

A mold historically reserved for USDGC fundraising, is now available for special releases like this. It’s a slightly overstable mid-range that knows how to hold lines.

Great for: longer mid-range shots regardless of type of wind.

Feel of the disc: Domey. Has the feel of older Champion plastic.

More about the stamp: A few years ago, Allen started doing the tiki characters and people really responded well to them. He said the tiki characters’ creepy, yet silly features sum up his artwork as a whole.

Learn more about the Tiki Carnage Stamp, the discs, and the artist at the DGU Blog.

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