DGU Summer Sizzler Mystery Box

91% of 100

Want to get 2 previously unreleased DGU Original Discs? All you have to do is purchase our latest DGU Mystery Box, which is packed with not only those 2 gems, but 6 more sweet discs and additional surprises!

$160+ Retail Value *** Limited Time Only *** Limited Quantities ***

What's included you ask? Let's start with the Spotlight Items:

  • 1 F2 Luchador Halo Star disc. Each Mystery Box will receive the unreleased Luchador design on a random Halo Star model (more about the Luchador design below). 
  • 1 Classic DGU Original Design on a random Halo Star Disc. We’ve released dozens of unforgettable designs over the years. So, we stamped some of our very favorites on Halo models for the first time. Some super sweet combinations here.

**Discs will have Random Halo rim color, Random Halo center color, Random stamp color. Discs will weigh between 165-175 grams.

Each Mystery Box will also have:

  • 2 DGU Original Discs with either 2 Or 3 Color stamp designs. (Random models, colors, weights, and stamps).
  • 2 DGU Original Discs with a single stamp color. (Random models, colors, weights, and stamps).
  • 2 Premium plastic Factory Second discs. (Random models, colors, weights, and stamps).
  • 1 Mystery Hat
  • 2 Random Accessories

More on the Luchador design: It’s the X-Out Assailant vs The F2 Maniac in a battle royale brilliantly illustrated by artist Tony Diaz. A fan of WWF/WWE growing up, Diaz transports you into the ring for the climactic moment as the X-Out Assailant completes his signature ladder-aided move entitled, “The Do-Not-Stand-On-Top-Step Death Drop.” What will happen? The Factory Second Summer Slam Title hangs in the balance.


  • Many Factory Second discs have “X” penned in the middle. This is done during production to denote it is an X-out / F2.
  • Factory Second discs may contain small dimples near rim, flashing along rim, and other minor imperfections.

More about Factory Seconds: A Factory Second disc has cosmetic imperfections which do not affect flight or durability. These discs may contain bubbles or flecks in the plastic. They may contain other small imperfections like scratches, chips, and dimples among other things. Stamp size, design, color, placement, and number of stamps on each factory second disc may vary widely.