DoubleG Craft Beef Jerky Smashed Cracked Pepper

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You may know Garret Gurthie as disc golf's long bomber, but did you know he can make some outstanding beef jerky like this bag of DoubleG Smashed Cracked Pepper Craft Beef Jerky? That’s right. After 15 years of making his jerky as a hobby, Gurthie is now sharing his homemade recipe with the entire disc golf world.

Each savory bite will have you reaching for more. The Smashed Cracked Pepper edition has a hint of heat and a perfect blend of smokey and traditional jerky flavor. DoubleG's personal favorite. “Give it a try. You’re gonna love it,” says Gurthie.

Net Weight: 2.5 oz

More Details:

  • Natural Smoke Flavor added
  • Hand processed premium snack made with whole pieces of USDA inspected beef.

Great for:

  • Snacks during a casual or tournament round.
  • Mid-afternoon treat at home
  • Travel food

** A portion of the proceeds supports the DoubleG Children’s Foundation, which helps children get involved with disc and succeed in life.