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Innova Super Cargo Pant

Backpack getting a little crowded? With the new DGU SuperCargo Pant you open up the storage carrying potential of something you already wear … your pants!


  • 6 visibie front pockets. Plus another 4 that are invisible.

  •  Jumbo sized pockets in back to store hoodie, water jug or other oversized equipment like tee signs.

  • Custom umbrella and stool Velcro tie-down loops for each pant leg.

  • Wet Round? Throw an extra pair of shoes in there too. It’ll fit.

Material: Made from 100% recycled tires and hospital gowns.

Sizes: One size fits some.

Great for disc golfers who:

·    Constantly forget their bag.

·    Worry about their stuff being stolen, (When was the last time someone stole your pants, right?).

Join DGU in this pants revolution. It’s time to start making pants earn their keep.