Please Note: Actual stamp and disc color combinations will vary from sample images.

Melting Pot Star Aviar

The Melting Pot Star Aviar contains a mind melting blend of color swirls, and has "Ace-Run" written all over it (not literally). The lighter weight of these will have you urging to Run It, Send It, and finally Ace that short par 3 that you have been trying to ace for years. So go on, pick one up today, and send the disc to its final resting place. The bottom of the basket.

More about the Star Aviar:

Flight Numbers : 2 / 3 / 0 / 1

The Aviar Putt & Approach is our most popular disc model and the number one putter in disc golf. It is versatile and is dependable in all conditions. A must have disc for any serious competitor’s bag. This is the beadless model that provides an excellent grip. It is a straight flier with a predictable finish.