Sport / Beach Disc Set

This disc set has everything you need for backyard catch, a day at the beach, ultimate frisbee, and more. Includes:


In Ultimate Frisbee a good pass is crucial to marching down the field and scoring. And with Innova's Pulsar you get the perfect feeling plastic that's going to hold the line you put it on, resulting in beautiful passes.  Plus, the Pulsar lends itself well to any type of thrower whether you're a seasoned Ultimate player, disc golfer, or just the occasioal lid thrower. Discs are 175 grams.


Say Aloha to the Makani. Makani is Hawaiian for "great wind". The Makani is designed to ride the breeze and land where you throw it. The Makani will make you better at throwing flying discs in general. This all around sport disc has high glide and very straight, clean flight dynamics. The Makani is perfect for fun casual play, backyard games, catch, Ultimate, and even disc golf. Available in fun tropical colors. 140 grams

Sonic Jr: 

The Sonic Jr. is a slightly oversized mini that is super fun to throw. This mini easy to throw, has lots of glide, and flies straight without much effort. The low weight (26 grams) makes it the best mini for kids.


Please Notes: Colors will vary.