Please Note: Actual stamp and disc color combinations will vary from sample images.

Star Animal

You don’t have to be a beast to throw the Innova Animal accurately. Just grab a hold of the meaty rim complete with Thumtrac® grip and let er’ rip.

No need to be frightened. This Animal is Gentle:

You’ll be surprised how easy this putt and approach disc is to tame. Likened to a beat-in Rhyno, the Animal can achieve a straight flight with a mild hyzer release and exhibits a moderate turn when thrown flat.

Big turnovers are a lot of fun with this disc and is one of the Animal’s specialties. Like many land animals, this one favors the ground. And with very little glide, it seems to gravitate towards the earth as soon as its released.

Great for:

  • 200–300-foot approaches that dependably dump at the flight’s end.
  • Those interested in a more user-friendly version of the overstable Rhyno.
  • Windy day putter and putts inside the circle.