Please Note: Actual stamp and disc color combinations will vary from sample images.

Throw Pink DX Stingray - Bubblegum

It’s time to lower your score. With the Throw Pink Innova Bubblegum DX Stingray, drives and upshots nestled near the basket are within reach.

Run Details: Easy to grip and release. You’ll be reaching for this disc shot after shot.

More about the stamp: The Throw Pink Bubblegum logo is a favorite among many. It symbolizes fun while also conveying Throw Pink’s positive message.

More about the Stingray: One of the first discs to get in the hands of a new player is the large diameter Stingray. The shallow rim is easy to grip and the forgiving flight characteristics will have beginners throwing controlled shots in no time. For more experienced players, the Stingray is a dependable turnover disc and works well as a mid to long range roller.

About Throw Pink: Throw Pink's initiatives encourage women and girls into a lifetime of healthy recreation through the game of disc golf. Throw Pink merchandise and events around the globe raise funds for women's health-related charities. Visit for details.