USDGC 20 Year Anniversary Roc (DX Roc3)

The USDGC’s Champion Roc fundraiser program started in 2001 and became fundamental in building the Championship into what it is now.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the USDGC Champion Roc program and we’re marking it with this classic stamp design that brings elements of the first USDGC Roc editions with our new USDGC Wings stamp.  

Celebrate the USDGC and the timeless Roc disc with this collectible Ring of Roc DX Roc3.

How these feel: Flat. They’re midrange bliss.

More about the Roc3. The Roc3 holds a line in a variety of wind conditions and has a predictable fade, making this an ideal 'Go-To' Mid-Range in almost any situation. Advanced players will love the versatility of this disc while newer players can rely on the consistent finish.