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USDGC Conrad Commemorative Glow Champion Roc

James Conrad’s throwing style is like no one else. During a drive, his long, sweeping movements create a tidal wave of power that send his disc soaring through the air. During his putts, artist Marm O. Set said, “He's basically a coiled snake: either he is compressed and ready to strike, or he has exploded into his normal putting stroke. There's no in-between!”

Marm O. Set definitely captures that and Conrad’s signature flowing ponytail in Conrad’s first Commemorative USDGC Roc design.

More about the discs:

The 400 Glow Champion Rancho Rocs have moderate dome. Expect nice grip and a brilliant green glow-in-the-dark color.

More about the design:

Marm O. Set, who has been DGU’s go-to artist for the Zen Series, branched out to design a USDGC Roc for the first time. Though, we’re used to seeing him create marvelous creatures, he said he had no problem creating Conrad’s likeness. He said he modeled his design after how Conrad finishes his putting stroke to accentuate the movement.  

“I grew up wanting to be a comic book artist so I'm perfectly fine drawing people,” said Marm O. Set, who watched Conrad in-person win his first Major at the USDGC by one stroke.

Living in Virginia, the same state that Conrad is from, Marm O. Set has frequented the private course owned by Conrad’s father, Jim. He’s enjoyed it immensely and said he planned on giving one of his Conrad Commemorative artist proofs to Jim for all of his generosity.