USDGC Hole 7 INNColor Star Shryke

From TV, Hole 7’s bamboo wall looks like a cinch to park. But once you step up to the tee, it’s a different story. With this vibrant Hole 7 Innova INNColor Star Shryke, you see just how beautiful lacing a disc through the bamboo opening can be.

Access Granted / Denied: One of the many iconic holes of the Winthrop Arena Course, the pivotal Hole 7 and its Bamboo gateway can help push you to the top or send you spiraling down.

***Same awesome image as the official USDGC Poster.

Run Details: Noticeable dome. Great feel. Not just a wall hanger here. Go ahead stick this one in your bag! Excellent contrast between INNColor design and white plastic.

More about the Shryke: All levels of players agree, the Shryke is a must-have for anyone looking to max out their distance. It’s equipped with mild low speed fade, which makes it easy to lock-on the fairway.