Please Note: Actual stamp and disc color combinations will vary from sample images.

USDGC Robot Metal Flake Glow Champion Roc

Roc birds don’t necessarily need feathers to fly. Our USDGC Robot Roc takes to the skies in a harmonious mass of metal.

The third UDSGC Roc Release of 2022 takes an altogether new look at the fabled creature. Gears and hardware replace muscle and bone. But just because this Roc doesn’t breathe doesn’t mean it goes easy on its prey.

Quantity: 6 per Partner. Total Made: 500

Artist: Michael Barnard

How this batch of Innova Champion Roc feels: Minimal to modest dome. Smooth. Soft. You’ll have a hard time not throwing this disc for the simple reason of wanting to show it off.

**When charged, disc glows a bright green at night.

More about the 2-Color Stamp design: What if the Roc bird was a massive machine made up of thousands of interconnected parts, gears, and gizmos? Artist Michael Barnard imagined just a scenario and gave us a glimpse of what the mainframe of this metal bird of prey would look like. As you can see, it’s finely tuned to unleash havoc. All that’s left, is to hear its eerie metal-on-metal high-pitched scream.

Why purchase this collector disc? Only the second USDGC Roc in Metal Flake Champion Glow plastic (First was the Pirate Roc), this release is your chance for another shot at this hard-to-find plastic combo. 

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