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USDGC Sigil Champion Rancho Roc

What’s your family crest? If you’re a USDGC Roc Partner /collector, artist Rick Carlson’s new “Sigil” mini stamp design is likely yours.

The idea behind 2019’s final Roc release was to create something simple and classic and would contrast nicely with the prior Roc releases of the year.

“(We) wanted more of a nostalgic feel, tough yet cool – like a tattoo you'd want to proudly display,” said Carlson, who also created the XXL Xcaliber design.

How these Rancho Mold discs feel:

Champion: Moderate dome with classic Rancho feel.

Luster Champion: Noticeable dome with a tackier grip than the Champion discs.

Metal Flake: Moderate dome. Plenty of metal flakes to dazzle the eye.

Glow: Moderate dome. It will be hard not to throw these if you’re fortunate enough to get one.

More about the stamp:

This mini stamp design also allowed DGU to create a nice grouping of items that also includes a new Roc coin and Galactic Mini disc.

Carlson, who approaches a mini stamp differently than a full-size design, said the Sigil was a fun puzzle to solve. Generally, a mini stamp has to be more simplified than a regular design, he says.

“The features must be bigger and bolder, or the negative space will fill-in, and the larger shapes would not be recognizable … The end result, I think, gave just enough details for anyone to love it,” said Carlson.