Please Note: Actual stamp and disc color combinations will vary from sample images.

USDGC Zuca Champion Rancho Roc

When you think of the USDGC’s signature holes, you think of Winthrop Lake bordering Hole 5, Hole 17’s island green, and of course Hole 7’s bamboo wall. Our USDGC Zuca Champion Roc shows Hole 7 and its unmistakable bamboo wall in beautiful detail.

This is the second USDGC Roc Release of 2023.

Total Made: 300

Artist: Tony Diaz

How these Champion Rancho Rocs feel: Moderate to noticeable dome typical of the Rancho mold.

More about the stamp: A walled Hole 7 of some sort has been a part of the Championship since the early years – turning an innocuous open hole into a technical challenge. Hit the triple mando gap and you’re looking at birdie, but miss and bogey or worse could be in your future. Artist Tony Diaz captures the adventure of the hole and the best way to play it – with a trusty Zuca Disc Golf Cart, of course.

Rancho Roc Flight Numbers: 4 / 4 / 0 / 3

** This is the second release using the Zuca Roc stamp. The first was a limited edition 2-color edition stamped on SJ Moondust Rocs that were bundled with 25th Anniversary USDGC Zuca Carts. This is the first release stamped on commemorative USDGC Champion Rocs.