Please Note: Actual stamp and disc color combinations will vary from sample images.

Wombatman Star Wombat3

When the course is at its worst – darkness lurking at every dogleg turn – call upon Wombat Man (aka the Innova Wombat3).

***A Two Color Marm O. Set Design

How this batch of Wombat3 feels: Flat. Delectable Star plastic. Fighting Bogeys on the course has never been easier.

More about the stamp: The disc golf world needs heroes. Without such forces of good like Wombat Man, disc golfers everywhere would cower at the sight of 300-foot tunnel shots and flee from tricky finesse approaches to the green.

Known to be his second favorite disc (behind the Polecat, of course), artist Marm O. Set has long wanted to illustrate a stamp worthy of the Wombat 3 name. Every detail of the plump but battle-ready rodent is heightened to epic proportions in this comic inspired design.

Golden Nuggets: So what is Wombat Man’s Superpower? Well, it’s inside his sleek utility belt. There you will find his cubed shaped poo building blocks. Fun fact, the wombat is the only animal to have cube shaped droppings, which Wombat Man amazingly uses to construct hyzer bombs, grenades, tomahawks, scoobers, barbeque grills – anything to defend against the evil doers on the disc golf course.

More about the Wombat3 disc: A favorite disc among the good people of the disc golf warehouse, the Wombat3 flies straight and stays flying for a long time with its hefty glide. Anyone who struggles to remain on the straight and narrow should seek help from the Innova Wombat3.

Everyone Deserves a fighting chance to the fairway: Thanks to Wombat Man’s courageous straight shooting, disc golfers everywhere can venture onto the course without fear of being assaulted by bogeys or worse … the dreaded evil snowman.

Know this:

Wherever there is suffering from erratic throws …

Wherever there is tyranny from unfair holes and lies …

Wherever there is confusion on what to throw …

… Wombat Man will be there!