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XXL Glow Base Soft Tank

Rolling toward you like a mobile earthquake, Marm O. Set’s XXL Tank is an awesome depiction of the battle machine.

More about the Baseline Glow Soft Tank:

Eliminate costly misfires from your approach and midrange game with the Tank. Thrown hard, it provides straight flight with little glide, which means it finds your target and promptly falls out of the sky.

Flight numbers: 2 / 1 / 0 / 2

Great for: Rhyno lovers looking for something a touch less stable.

How this run feels: Grippy and quite domey. The R-pro like putter blend is soft and flexible and has wide Thumtrac grip. Feels similar to a Rhyno, but without a bead.

More about the stamp:

Marm O. Set first drew the XXL Tank image in CAD, which is used often to produce three-dimensional images of automobiles, airplanes, and architecture. CAD helped him find the perspective of the tank including the gun barrels properly receding into space.

Learn more about the XXL Tank and the artist at the DGU Blog.