Please Note: Actual stamp and disc color combinations will vary from sample images.

XXL Pro Leopard Throw Pink Edition

Find the warrior inside you with the XXL Innova Pro Leopard Throw Pink Edition.

How this batch feels/ other details: Noticeable dome. Poppy. Smooth yet ample grip.  

More about the design: Battling cancer takes incredible strength and courage not only for those undergoing the fight, but for their loved ones as well. Our XXL Throw Pink Edition series takes inspiration from these warriors with designs featuring popular Innova characters as fierce female warriors like this Leopardess.

More about the Leopard: The Leopard should be everyone’s first fairway driver as it is has excellent glide and is easy to throw straight and far. The Leopard is a great turnover disc for players of all skill levels. More experienced players can use the Leopard for throwing distance stretching “Hyzer Flip” shots.

More about Throw Pink: About Throw Pink: Each purchase supports Throw Pink's initiatives to encourage more women and girls into a lifetime of healthy recreation through the game of disc golf. Throw Pink events around the globe raise funds for women's health-related charities. Visit for details.