XXL Profile Luster Champion Destroyer

Ever wanted to look the Destroyer character dead in the eye? DGU and artist Daniel Falcon are now giving you the opportunity with this XXL Profile Destroyer.

How this batch looks & feels:

Plastic reveals Luster’s trademark sheen. See-thru Champion plastic really showcases the artwork well. Solid grip. 

175: All colors are domey and poppy, except for yellow which is more moderately domey.

170-172: All colors are generally moderately domey except for raspberry, which is quite domey and poppy.

165-169: Domey and poppy.

More about the design:

Falcon used pics of Levi Wilcox’s original Destroyer character as a frame of reference and that allowed him to get the basic structure of its face. After that, he took a deep dive into the details, getting as techie and mechanical as possible.

“I wanted to do something that would be its own, but still honor the original,” said Falcon.

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