Zombie INNcolor Star Aviar3 (Jasper)

100% of 100

Meet Jasper. When he’s not chasing humans, he also plays a little disc golf. We’re featuring Jasper the Zombie first in our Zombie INNColor Series.

More about the Aviar3 disc:

The Aviar3 has the same comfortable grip you'd expect in an Aviar putter but with a distinctive flat top. Even better, it can handle the speed.

Great for: Backhand / Forehand approaches and short tee shots.

How this run feels: Flat and grippy just how you want an Aviar3.


More about Jasper, the Not-So Friendly Zombie

·    Full Name: Jasper St. Bonaventure

·    Interests: Sneaking up on humans. Fondue parties. Late night disc golf.

·    Pet Peeves: Zombie Response Vehicles. Do-gooders. Misplacing his mini inside his hip muscles.

More about the stamp:

Among artist Brian Allen’s large body of work, zombies show up quite often. He said growing up a heavy metal fan and a love for the bands album cover art helped shape his art like the zombie you see before you.

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