Zombie INNcolor Star Destroyer (Darla)

92% of 100

“Chains…CHAINS...” Do you hear that? The zombie horde grows ever larger with the addition of Darla. Alongside Jasper and another newcomer, Reuben, they slowly lurch towards their targets.

More about the Star Destroyer disc:

A very fast, stable long-distance driver. A great disc for sidearm throwers and those with lots of power.

Feel of the disc: These have that classic Destroyer feel with a typical dome.

More about Darla, the teenage zombie

·    Full Name: Darla “Moon” Beam

·    Interests: dressing up her zombie cat, posting pics of her favorite abandoned buildings and stealing minis from human disc golfers.

·    Pet Peeves: curfew, human drivers, zombie gifs.

More about the stamp:

Among artist Brian Allen’s large body of work, zombies show up quite often. He said growing up a heavy metal fan and a love for the bands’ album cover art helped shape his art like the zombie you see before you.

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