Please Note: Actual stamp and disc color combinations will vary from sample images.

GStar Charger

Hit a distance wall? Bust through it with the GStar Innova Charger, the slightly overstable maximum distance driver that unloads a big hit on the fairway. At a blistering 13 speed, it separates itself from the herd in a hurry!

How it feels: Noticeable dome. Wide rim in tacky, flexible GStar plastic provides more than enough grip.

Innova Charger Flight numbers:  13 / 5 / -1 / 2

How the Charger flies: During mild and tailwind conditions you’ll experience a very fast, straight flight, followed by slight turn, and ending with a reliable fade. Go ahead and force it anhyzer. It will still come out. Watch the Charger valiantly fight back during medium-force headwind shots. Overall, it’s a very tightly tuned disc.

GStar Edition: The GStar Charger has the same big distance as the Star version, but with slightly more high-speed turn.

What it can do for your game:

  • Regain your confidence in a full send
  • Rely on it equally for backhand and forehand bombs

How will I throw it? The Charger is designed for advanced skilled players. Average caliber arms will benefit from long flights with formidable fade out of the box. And expect even longer flights once it beats in. Big arms will be able to use this disc as a utility distance driver from the get-go.

Great for:

  • Long hzyer shots
  • Big forced anhyzers
  • Sidearm specialists
  • Skip shots

Pick up an Innova Charger if … A beat-in Shryke turns over too easily, but you’re not interested in the extra beef of a Destroyer or Boss.