Genevieve: The Socialite

Bio:After creating the extremely popular social platform Chunder, which rates gas station bathrooms on a scale from 0 to -10, Genevieve decided to share her marketing and social prowess with the disc golf community. When she’s not promoting DGU’s latest and greatest she also manages the popular hashtag #IHateMondays.

Favorite Disc: Throw Pink Star Mako3


  • Only rates things she likes as 5 Stars.

  • Can text at an astounding 185 words per minute.

  • Always opts-in for surveys after calling customer service.

Disc Golf Advice: “IMHO…TGIF… ROFL”


Todd: The Wordsmith

Bio: Before DGU, Todd’s claim to fame was reporting on the great chicken truck crash of 2004 in Hobart County. He still keeps up with many of the chickens he interviewed. Now, Todd uses his wordsmith skills for product descriptions and Factory Second listings.

Favorite Disc: Champion TeeBird


  • Goes over each order with a fine tooth comb he found in a museum exhibit.

  • Discovered Doug the #DGUnicorn at a Karaoke Bar in El Paso

  • Does not like Chocolate Cake

Disc Golf Advice: "Nice'ing your own shots cancels out other people Nice'ing your shot."



Lisa: The Number Cruncher


Bio: Hailing from England, Lisa keeps the DGU crew in line both financially and behaviorally with such words as “Blimey”, “Bollocks”, and “Throwing a Wobbly.” When she’s not reheating her shepherd’s pie in the breakroom, she’s often arranging her royal family figurines atop her computer.

Favorite Disc: Star Aviar3


  • Enjoys American muscle cars and burning out in the parking lot.

  • Makes kick-ass banana bread with chocolate chips.

  • Voted Best Accent (5 years running, excluding 2019 when Wilamina from Australia won). 

Disc Golf Advice: "I don't play a lot of disc golf. Actually, I don't really play any disc golf. But if I did play, I would already have like 10 World Titles. So what's the point?"


Adrian: The Techie


Bio: Lesser known for his early Hospital Scrubs modeling work, Adrian has been a part of DGU since the good ol' days when he shared an office with the gargantuan DGU mainframe known as D.A.R.Y.L. Even thought D.A.R.Y.L. was outdated years ago, Adrian continues to partner with the 1981 Supercomputer for menial computing tasks for Tuesday Night Warehouse Bingo.

Favorite Disc: Star Wombat3


  • Knows a good deal when he sees one.

  • Impressive useless fact collection.

  • During the break between rounds, he's known to play a rousing tune with a fife. 

Disc Golf Advice: "A well timed fart (fake or real) can enhance any disc golf round."

Matt: Item Wizard

Bio: Spending the better part of his life on a Lobster boat off the coast of Massachusetts, Matt’s life in disc golf took off after he found a disc in one of his lobster traps. Over the years, he found several other pieces of sporting equipment in his traps, but the disc was the first one that intrigued him. After one round he was hooked and wanted to devote the rest of his life to matching people to discs.

Favorite Disc: KC Pro Aviar


  • Paid 2,000 Euros for a potato chip in Slavakia that looked just like him. 
  • Owns a majority stake in Hammin' It Up: The Hampster Sweater Company

Disc Golf Advice: “My advice for playing well … Get your life right first. Don’t even think about setting foot on a disc golf course until you wipe out all your debt, your car is in good shape, and you’re managing your cholesterol.”



Christopher: Order Wrangler / Customer Whisperer


Bio: Chris found disc golf after a severe allergic reaction to Skippy Peanut Butter landed him in the hospital for two weeks. By chance, his roommate was none other than disc golf great Lenny “3-Putt” Montana, who was being seen for a gum wad removal. Once they were well enough to walk, Lenny taught Chris the game with a Mini basket he’d brought with him to the hospital. Their epic holes through the hospital’s halls later became the well-known St. Agnus Hospital Charity Open.

Favorite Disc: Champion TL3


  • Spent 2 years of his life following the one-man-band "Hector & His Instruments."
  • Officially licensed in three states to throw clay.

Disc Golf Advice: “If you are getting frustrated with your disc golf progress, think about how good you’d be if you had no fingers. That always helps me keep things in perspective.”


John: Digital Navigator


Bio: Ten years as a cattle thief, taught John to have quick hands, a short memory, and a sense to strike while the iron is hot. After years of eluding the law, he decided to make a complete about-face and delve into the area of Search Engine Optimization and other online store interface. After hours, John works to return discarded socks and other apparel he finds along the highway to their owners.

Favorite Disc: KC Pro Roc

Other talents:

  • Can disassemble and reassemble his fan boat in less than 2 hours
  • Invented the Hot Pocket Mircrowave / TV Remote Combo in 2008.

Disc Golf Advice: “If you ever get bit by a snake while playing a round – don’t get so caught up in the moment that you forget a disc on the course.”