Jonathon: The Order Wrangler  


Bio: With retail experience in automotive, golf, and a short stint at a magic store (He still moonlights as The Great Metzalini), Jonathon knows retail and how to make customers happy.

Favorite Disc: Champion Leopard3

“When you live in a place with wooded courses, The Leopard3 is your best friend – that and a can of mosquito spray.”


  • Able to reach tall shelves without a ladder

  • Often brings-in leftover cake from family gatherings.

  • On the course: He ‘Nice’s you after every shot. (He can’t help it. He’s a nice guy).

Todd: The Wordsmith  

Bio: Before DGU, Todd’s claim to fame was reporting on the great chicken truck crash of 2004 in Hobart County. Now, Todd uses his wordsmith skills for product descriptions, blog posts, and social media.

Favorite Disc: Champion TeeBird

“I pull this disc out more than any other. Not only because it works, but also because I have so damn many.”


  • Goes over each order with a fine tooth comb he found in a museum exhibit.

  • Discovered Doug the #DGUnicorn at a Karaoke Bar in El Paso

  • Does not like Chocolate Cake

  • On the course: Marks his disc with a mini even for drop-ins putts.

 Lisa: The Number Cruncher  


Bio: Hailing from England, Lisa keeps the DGU crew in line both financially and behaviorally with such words as “Blimey”, “Bollocks”, and “Throwing a Wobbly.” When she’s not reheating her shepherd’s pie in the breakroom, she’s often arranging her royal family figurines atop her computer.

Favorite Disc: Star Aviar3

You know, I don’t play much disc golf, but I do love the INNColor designs we put on the Star Aviar3’s. If I do ever play disc golf, it will probably be with those discs.”


  • Enjoys American muscle cars and burning out in the parking lot.

  • Makes kick-ass banana bread with chocolate chips.

  • Voted Best Accent

  • On the course: (We’re hoping we can get her to play this year)

Adrian: The Techie  


Bio: Lesser known for his early Hospital Scrubs modeling work, Adrian has been a part of DGU since the good ‘ole days. Looking back on his long tenure, said Adrian, “DGU is more than just ridiculously good looking people and disc golf… well, come to think of it... that’s pretty much it”.

Favorite Disc: Star Wombat3

The truest flying disc ever! So trustworthy, so versatile. The Wombat is my spirit animal.”


  • Knows a good deal when he sees one

  • Impressive useless fact collection

  • On the course: During the break between rounds, he's known to play a rousing tune with a fife

Doug (the #DGUnicorn): The Troublemaker 

Bio: Previously worked as the mascot for a semi-pro hockey team in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. After discovering disc golf while hitchhiking his way to the states, he knew he found his purpose in life. As a sports mascot he loved giving away free stuff at games and he continues that with DGU.

Favorite Disc: Star Narwhal

“    ” (Confused stare)


  • Only sleeps 20 minutes per day

  • Trust fall expert

  • Self help book author

  • On the course: his pre-shot routine involves the “Electric Slide.”