Reward Points

Everyone with a DGU account is eligible to earn Reward Points. Hooray!

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 Earning Points

With every DGU purchase you automatically get 5% back in Reward Points. For every dollar you spend, you will earn 5 Reward Points.

***You must be logged into your DGU account in order to earn any Reward Points.

 Other ways to earn Reward Points:

  • 250 pts: Just for creating a DGU account

Spending Points:

You must have a minimum of 500 points in order to redeem them during a purchase.
Here's what they're worth: 1 point = 1 penny. 100 points = $1 dollar.


Reward points expire 1 year (365 days) from the time they were earned. Reward points have no redeemable cash value.

USDGC Merch Restriction

Since USDGC Merchandise raises funds for the event, DGU Reward Points cannot be used toward USDGC items. Reward Points, however, can be earned on USDGC merchandise.