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6 Items

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As a disc golf enthusiast, you know that having the right gear can make all the difference in your game. That's why we're excited to introduce you to Grip6 - the #1 belt in disc golf! What sets Grip6 apart from other belts on the market? For starters, their design puts comfort first. No more digging into your waist or feeling restricted as you move. Plus, their unique no-hole, no-flap design means a perfect fit every time. And with their super durable materials and lifetime guarantee, you can trust your Grip6 belt to last through all your disc golf adventures. Join the growing number of players who swear by Grip6 and see for yourself what makes this belt #1 in disc golf.

Designed for Comfort

The low-profile design means no interference with your throwing motion or gameplay. The slight bend of the belt buckle perfectly conforms to your waist for added comfort. This customizable belt ensures a comfortable fit all day long while providing lightweight style (buckle weighs only 24 grams).

Not Your Standard Belt

Without any holes or flaps, this classic buckle stylish accessory seamlessly adjusts to your comfort level while ensuring maximum performance.

Interchangeable Buckles and Straps

Customize your look for any occasion with the unique ability to mix and match buckles and straps to fit any style or occasion.

Super Durable & Guaranteed for Life

If your belt ever wears out, which is very unlikely, each one is covered by an unlimited lifetime warranty, which protects against any malfunction, accident, and all possible wear & tear. Additionally, the company offers free return shipping for any warranty claims.

Quality Made in the USA

Each Grip6 Belt is made in the United States from high-quality materials, including aerospace-grade T6061 aluminum and military-grade nylon fiber webbing. These materials offer extreme durability and can handle years of wear and tear on and off the course. CNC technology is used to precisely cut each aluminum buckle, ensuring a perfect fit and finish. Grip6 straps do not stretch over time - each one has been rating to a breaking strength of 2000 lbs.

In Summary

Despite humble beginnings, Grip6 has grown to become the #1 fan favorite belt in disc golf for a reason. With its unique design, it offers comfort and durability like no other belt on the market. The no holes and no flaps design ensures a perfect fit every time, while interchangeable buckles and straps allow you to personalize your look. Made in the USA with high-quality materials, Grip6 belts are built to last a lifetime – literally! Plus, Grip6 offers a full refund if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase.