The Leopard3 has a nice controllable turn right out of the box. It can be thrown smooth for straighter shots, or harder for more turn. Adjusting the angle of release allows the Leopard3 to be an incredibly versatile fairway driver. 

Flight Numbers: 7 / 5 / -2 / 1

Diameter: 21.2 cm

Rim Width: 1.7 cm

Available Plastics: DX, Pro, GStar, Champion, Star

Best Choice for: Leopard fans who want a faster, flatter disc. Or anyone looking for a dependable, versatile disc. 

Date of Approval: Aug. 29, 2017

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  1. Hunt birdies with this fast cat. Out of the box, the DX Leopard3 has a controllable turn and is known for smooth, straight flights. With superior grip, progressive wear, and affordability, the DX Leopard3 is one of our most versatile fairway drivers.
    DX Leopard3
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