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  1. The Innova Adventure Disc Golf Backpack is the best bag for the money. It has everything you need in terms of features, durability, and minimal bulk – all at an incredible price.  2023 ImprovementsExpanded disc compartment opening for easier retrievalStrengthened internal structure to prevent bag slouchingLarger rubberized base now covers bottom of drink pouch as well2 extra zippered pockets on each upper sideSituated in between the Discover Pack and the Excursion Bag, the Adventure Bag is a great introduction to disc golf backpacks.Weight: 2.5 pounds (empty). Quite light for a medium sized backpack.Disc Capacity: 255 Total Zippered Pockets Including:Putter pouch on topDisc compartmentRoomy gear pocket on bottom side2 extra pockets on each upper sideOther storage:Bottle holder with adjustable toggle and bottom drain hole.Bottom front pouch for 1 go-to disc, minis, scorecards, or other small items.Other Features: Padded Top Handle, Padded Shoulder Straps, Rugged 600D Exterior, Accessory Loop.Great for: *Full length casual rounds *Lighter Second Bag *Quick after work bag**Learn what gear should go in your bag at the DGU Blog. Let the Adventure Begin! All you need for an epic round can be placed in this handy disc golf bag.
    Adventure Pack
  2. If you’re looking for an affordable backpack that keeps rounds light and fun, the Innova Discover Backpack is it. It keeps the frills and do-dads to a minimum but still has plenty of room for your starting lineup. Great for beginners!Weight: 1.2 pounds (empty)Disc Capacity: 12-15Other Storage: 1 Zippered pocket & 1 Water Bottle holderGreat for: The casual player *Field work practice *Second/Side Bag *Hilly demanding coursesMore Features: Cheapest Backpack Bag on the market!Adjustable Drink HolderInternal U-Frame for support, and disc storageAdjustable backpack straps
    DISCover Disc Golf Backpack
  3. The Innova Excursion Pack gives you full size disc golf backpack space and storage at an unbeatable price. Plus, its compact design makes it carry like a smaller mid-level pack – allowing you to keep hunting birdies long into the day.Weight: 3.1 pounds (empty)Disc Capacity: 25+Other Storage: 3 zippered pockets (Including Optional Putter Pocket and Big Vertical Side Pocket). 1 large adjustable bottle holder. Pocket for Mini Marker discs. Front putter pocket.Other Features: Water resistant base. Durable material. Included rain cover in rear zip pocket.Great for: *The experienced player *Tournaments *Day-long excursions *Lighter second round bagMore Features:Ergonomic shoulder strapsDisc compartment dividerZip putter pocket holds 3-4 puttersZip valuables side pocketEnhanced internal frameTowel ringPadded back w/Prime Star stitched designLet’s ride! No matter if you’re hunting birdies or out searching for big game, make sure your path is a smooth one with this Innova disc golf bag. More
  4. Every disc golf round is a journey. So, before you embark, make sure you’re fully equipped for your disc golf adventure with the Innova Safari Pack – the comfortable disc golf backpack that can hold everything you need while still coming in at an affordable price.** The Safari Pack is Innova's largest full-feature disc golf backpack. It’s a lot of disc golf bag for the buck! Tough as nails, too!Weight: 4.1 pounds (empty)Total disc storage: 25+ discs including a top disc pocket that holds 3-4 putters. Plus, front lycra pocket for additional putter storage.Side pocket for minisA place for everything: Over 10 different compartments!Main pocket with three dividers. Your starting disc lineup never had it so good!Two full height side pockets. Great for stowing a hoodie or rain jacket.Top mesh pockets for ear pods, snacks, and other small accessories.Zippered valuables pocket.Two padded drink holders (can accommodate liter-sized bottle).When it pours … seek shelter with the Rainfly bag jacket. Rainfly cover housed in its own pocket near handle.Ready in a moment’s notice.Zipper opening allows you to access discs even when Rainfly is covering bag.Other Features: Padded, ergonomic strapsRubberized baseDual towel ringsNifty key hookLet’s ride! No matter if you’re hunting birdies or out searching for big game, make sure your path is a smooth one with this Innova disc golf bag.
    Safari Pack
  5. Holds 8-12 golf discs Water resistant Padded adjustable strap Reinforced bottom Bottle holder with cinch strap 2 Outer pockets, 1 mesh zippered pocket on inside of flap Soft terry inside and velcro dividers allowing many disc storage options. Zippered rear compartment for scorecards, pencils, rulebook and snacks. Adjustable strap with shoulder pad, and snug putter pocket Drink holder for 32 oz beverage, cinch strap keeps smaller drinks secure
    Standard Bag
  6. Available colors: Red & Charcoal (pictured), Blue & Light Grey Holds up to 12 golf discs Water resistant with reinforced bottom Mesh bottle holder with elastic band Divided interior 1 outer zippered pocket to carry keys, wallets, minis, etc. Mesh putter pocket
    Starter Bag

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Disc golf bags and backpacks are specifically made to hold disc golf discs and gear in order to provide easy access to them during a round. Innova has quality bags for every type of player and experience level of the game, all at the best price around. 

How to choose the right disc golf bag

When it comes to picking the right disc golf bag, you need to ask yourself one basic question before you dive in … Do I feel lucky? No just kidding.

Innova Disc Golf Bag

Ask yourself this:

How much stuff do I plan on carrying (specifically the number of discs and the amount of gear)?

If it’s only a few discs, a modest sized drink, and your keys, stick with one of our Small Disc Golf Bags.

If you’ve got 10-15 discs, a drink, and a few accessories, give one of our Starter Disc Golf Backpacks a shot.

If you want to pack 20 or more discs, a full-sized drink canteen, a bundle of accessories, and you’d like to stow a light jacket or hoodie, look into our Full Size Backpacks.

Small Disc Golf Bags

Carrying a lot of stuff on the course isn’t for everyone. But, the ultra-minimalist approach of using a plastic grocery bag or a retired book bag can only take you so far. Regular play requires a bag designed for disc golf. It’s as simple as that.

Innova Drawstring Disc Golf Bag

Innova Drawstring Bag

Hands down, this is the lightest and most affordable way to carry a few discs. Crumple it up and store it anywhere, this durable tote is no worse for the wear. Also, works great as a feather weight pack for Ultimate discs, spare clothes, and shoes.

Disc Capacity: 2-3.

Several colors to choose from.

Great for: *Trips to the Park *Beach outings *Kids *Giveaways

Innova Starter Disc Golf Bag

DGU Customer Dwain:

“This bag is so great for someone starting out in the sport. And you really can't beat this price point too!”

Innova Starter Bag

A staple in the Innova bag lineup for years, this entry level bag has helped introduce the sport to countless people. If you’re testing the waters, this is the bag to do it with. It is extremely affordable, super light, but still has the basic options you need on the course.

Disc Capacity: 8-10.

Other Storage Zippered Pocket & 1 Small Drink Holder

Other Features: A Divided interior, Mesh Putter Pocket, & an Adjustable Carrying Strap

Great for: *First bag *Practice Bag *Gift to new player *Carrying the essentials

Innova Standard Disc Golf Bag

DGU Customer Victor:

“A well rounded bag for beginners! Very light even with 10-12 in the bag.”

Innova Standard Bag

If you like the super light, classic approach, you’ll feel like the Innova Standard Bag was made just for you. It’s a step up from the entry level Starter Bag with features like tougher fabric, a  padded adjustable shoulder strap, and extra room for your stuff. This bag is a pleasure to carry and will be at your side for years on end. Easy on the wallet, too!

Disc Capacity: 8-12.

Other Storage Pockets. 1 - 32 oz Bottle Holder

Other Features: Soft Velcro Dividers, Water Resistant Zippered Pocket, & an Inside Flap

Great for: *The casual player *Your go-to travel bag *Rounds you don’t want to carry a full bag

Disc Golf Backpack vs. Regular Backpack:

Before we detail our backpacks,  let's explain the difference between backpack disc golf bags and a regular backpack. Disc golf backpacks are made to arrange several discs (sometimes up to 20 or more) so that they can be easily selected during a round. Plus, these specialized bags have specifically designed compartments for common disc golf gear like towels, grip aides, and water bottles. Regular backpacks have no interior structure, which means all of your discs and accessories would be piled on top of each other. Regular backpacks are also not made to withstand regular outdoor use.

Starter Disc Golf Backpacks:

If the backpack style is more your speed, these compact bags have the goods, but still keep it light.

Innova Discover Backpack Disc Golf Bag

DGU Customer Harry:

“Great bag for the price. Carries plenty of discs. Love it and how light it is.”

Innova Discover Backpack

Your first disc golf bag can be a backpack thanks to the affordable Discover Bag. It keeps the frills and do-dads to a minimum but still has plenty of room for your starting lineup. If you’re looking for a pared-down backpack that keeps rounds light and fun, this is it.

Disc Capacity: 12-15.

Other Storage 1 Zippered pocket & 1 Water Bottle holder

4 Color Patterns: to choose from

Other Features: Cheapest Backpack Bag on the market! Adjustable Drink Holder, Internal U-Frame for support, and disc storage.

Great for: The casual player *Field work practice *Second/Side Bag *Hilly demanding courses

Innova Adventure Pack Disc Golf Bag

DGU Customer Ryan:

“I've used this bag since the day of release. I love the feel to it. It is a sturdy bag and has shown no signs of wear. Holds a solid amount of disc for half the price of other bags. 10/10 would recommend to anyone with more than 15 disc.”

Innova Adventure Pack

Ranking remarkably well where it counts the most (durability, amount of features, bag weight, and affordability), the Adventure backpack is the best disc golf bag for the money. Situated smack dab in the middle (in terms of bag size), it’s a great first bag or the next progression after growing out of a smaller bag. It can handle a bunch of discs without putting a burden on your back.

Disc Capacity: 20-25.

Other Storage: 5 zippered pockets (including optional Putter Pocket). 1 Bottle holder

4 Color Patterns: to choose from

Other Features: Padded Top Handle, Padded Shoulder Straps, Rugged 600D Exterior, Best Backpack Deal!

Great for: The avid player *Full length casual rounds *Lighter Second Bag *Quick after work bag

Need some more help choosing a bag?

Full Sized Backpacks

These full-featured backpacks have the highest disc capacity and are designed for the serious tournament player. For whatever you’ve got, there’s a pocket for it.

Innova Discover Excursion Disc Golf Bag

Innova Excursion Bag

ll size backpacks can get unwieldy at times. Not the Excursion Backpack. It has the space you crave for your tournament gear, but feels like a smaller mid-level pack on your back. There are lots of monster courses out there, give your body a break with the Excursion bag.

Disc Capacity: 25+.

Other Storage 3 Zippered pockets (Including Optional Putter Pocket and Big Vertical Pocket). 1 Large Bottle holder. Pocket for Mini Marker discs.

4 Color Patterns: to choose from

Other Features: Water resistant base. Durable Material, Multiple pockets, Included Rain cover in rear zip pocket

Great for: The experienced player *Tournaments *Day-long Excursions *Lighter Second Round Bag

Innova Discover Safari Disc Golf Bag

Innova Safari Bag

When the course demands everything you’ve got, it’s time to step up to Innova’s top-of-the-line backpack. With the Innova Safari bag, you get a tour style bag like the pros use, but at half the price others go for. Not only is there plenty of space for your tournament lineup, you’ll find it super easy to pull them in and out, too. Fit a full-sized hoodie in one of the spacious side pockets when temps start to rise and turn to the Rainfly cover when the thunder rolls in. You won’t find a tour-level backpack like this for this price.

Disc Capacity: 25+.

Other Storage 4 Zippered pockets (Including Optional Putter Pocket and 2 Big Vertical Pockets). 2 Liter-sized Bottle holders. So many options!

3 Color Patterns: to choose from

Other Features: Water Resistant Base, Insulated Bottle Holders, Expandable Side Pockets, Mobile Phone Dedicated Pocket, Included Rain cover in rear zip pocket

Great for: The experienced player *Multi-Round Tournaments *Rounds in Foul Weather *Packing Lots of Discs for a new course

Fill Your Bag
  1. Show off your patriotism every time you wear pants with the Grip6 Rustic American Flag Buckle in full color. With its simple, tough as nails design, it will go the distance each round and still look great when you wear it after hours.Designed to last a lifetime, Grip6 "Guaran-damn-tee" protects against any issue.Weight: .6 oz.Fully interchangeable with all Men's 1.5" Regular width webbing straps.The GRIP6 Buckle lies down flatLASER Engraved DesignNo-Slip Locking Mechanism prevents belt loosening.High Grade Material -- Buckles are laser cut from 6061 T6 Aluminum.Made in the USA
  2. Freshen up your Ript Revenge round with the Ript Revenge Evolution Booster pack that includes 10 new, wild, and unpredictable cards.What’s Ript Revenge? Players seek to win holes, however what separates Ript from a round of skins, is that opponents can trip each other up by playing their Ript Revenge cards like:“All players must hold their discs upside down on their upcoming drive.”“On the upcoming hole, all players must drive with a putter and putt with a driver.”It’s a great way to mix things up for your weekly disc golf group or to level the playing field for players of varying skill levels. Lots of fun and laughs!Players: 2 to 4 Includes 10 Random Cards including:1 Rare2 Uncommon7 Common
  3. Your feet have it rough: confined to balmy, tight spaces for hours on end. Make their job easier with the high performing, tough, and comfortable Grip6 Micro Crew Wool Socks.Made from Fine Micron Rambouillet Merino Wool, these socks ventilate and manage moisture naturally, making them ideal for any activity including disc golf.Material: 40 Merino Wool / 58% Nylon / 2 % ElasticFit: These socks fit above the ankle.Details for the Micro Crews Sock:Material evenly hugs foot and stays putGreat for hiking boots or sneakers.Moisture Wicking keeps socks dry and comfortable.Antimicrobial wool means say goodbye to stinky socks!American Product: Processed and Knit in the USA. Wool USA sourced.Unlimited Lifetime Warranty: The GRIP6 A3 Guaran-Damn-Tee protects against any malfunction, accident, and all possible wear & tear.Sizing Guide:Small: Men 6-7, Women 6-8Medium: Men 7.5-9.5, Women 8.5-10.5Large: Men 10-12, Women 11-12X-Large: Men 12.5-14, Women 13+
  4. Make your glow game really shine with the Innova LED/UV Rechargeable Night Disc Golf Flashlight. Lighting up the night with 1000 lumen, you’ll have everything you need to score under – under cover of night.7 Useful Light Modes for Glow Disc Golf including:Narrow beam – Find that errant tee shot before anyone realizes how poor of a shot you threw.Wide beam – Where’s my car? Oh there it is!Strobe – Did someone say birdie fest?!UV (Black light) – Max out your glow discs glowing potential by charging it with the UV feature. And, see how clean your clothes are in the process, too!Side flood (white) – Making rack of lamb at the campsite? This’ll help.Side flood (red) – Add some rose-tinted ambience to your round rest stops. Red hue is easier on the eyes!Side flood strobe – Fall in crevasse? The rescue drone will have no problem seeing you with the strobe activated.Specs:Length: 5 ¾”Weight: 2 ozFeatures:Magnetic baseUSB-C Rechargeable port / cableBelt claspIP67 Waterproof

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Questions & Answers

Do I really need a disc golf bag?

If you plan on playing disc golf on a regular basis you should invest in a disc golf bag. Improvised methods like grocery bags and bookbags can get you through a round, but after a few rounds you’ll quicky see their limitations as far as durability, comfort, and accessing your discs quickly.

What disc golf bag holds the most discs?

The Innova Disc Golf Bag that holds the most discs is the Safari Backpack. It can hold 25+ discs. It includes a top disc pocket that holds 3-4 putters and a front pocket for additional putter storage. Plus, the Safari bag has lots of other storage room for gear and when you need to shed your hoodie.

What is a disc golf bag tag?

Disc golf bag tags are small, numbered badges that attach to your disc golf bag. Organized by local clubs, these tags are often used to indicate a player’s numbered rank among his or her club members. Each time members play, bag tags are swapped based on round performance.

What disc golf bag do the pros use?

Pros use disc golf backpacks that are big on features and carrying capacity. These bags can carry 20 or more discs plus water, towels, minis, rangefinders, and other round essential gear. Innova’s Excursion and Safari Bags have a place for all of that and more. And, best of all they come at a great price.

How to build a disc golf bag?

Building a disc golf bag is about choosing the right discs for your skill level and frequency of play. Beginners only need a few lighter (understable) discs. As you gain skill, you’ll gain more advanced discs to round out your lineup. The key is to pack the discs that provide the most utility without overfilling your bag.

Why are disc golf bags so expensive?

Disc golf bags can seem expensive at first. But there are manufacturers out there like Innova Disc Golf that specialize in offering durable bags and backpacks with the features you want at an affordable price. The Innova Safari Backpack has all the features of popular tour bags, but at half the cost.

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