Tiki Makani

Wait, is my disc looking at me? That’s gonna be a recurring question in your mind after purchasing these sick discs with wild XXL Tiki themed designs from artist Brian Allen.

More about the Makani: Makani is perfect for fun casual play. But versatility is the Makani’s middle name. Play catch, Ultimate, and even disc golf with this versatile flyer. 

At 9.5" in diameter, the Makani is akin to Innova's Catch / Rec discs, but it is still PDGA approved and perfect for touch shots. 

How it flies: The Makani is designed to ride the breeze and land where you throw it.

How this batch feels:  Noticeable dome. Very tacky grip. 

More about the stamp design: A few years ago, Brian Allen started doing the tiki characters and people really responded well to them. He said the tiki characters’ creepy, yet silly features sum up his artwork as a whole.

Learn more about the Tiki Stamp, the discs, and the artist at the DGU Blog.