Waboba Wingman

Always along for the ride! With its unique aerodynamic design, the Wingman flies over 130 feet, and doesn’t veer off course to leave you or your partner hanging, like any good Wingman should! Made from 100% silicone, this foldable flyer is easy to catch.

  • Flies over 130ft!
  • Super fun to throw & catch
  • Foldable: fits in your pocket & doesn't warp
  • Play indoors or outdoors
  • PDGA legal mini
  • Size: 150mm / 15cm / 6in
  • Weight: 42 grams

Pro Tip: Carry with you during your next round: Works as a PDGA legal mini and doubles as a soft clean surface for kneeling throws. Light weight and easy to store.

Note: Does not float