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  1. The Innova Whale in KC Pro plastic is a neutral flying putt and approach disc that’s still able to handle whatever power you can bring. Just like its name suggests, it can make a massive impact upon your short game.How the KC Pro Whale feels: Smooth, consistent feel like other KC Pro plastic models. Fairly flat. If the Aviar Putt and Approach doesn’t give you enough to hold onto, lock your mitts onto the Whale. Its blunt rim with a bead is wider and meatier. Forehanders will like it too.Innova Whale Flight numbers:  2 / 3 / 0 / 1How the Whale disc flies: Everyone needs a driving putter they can trust to hug the line it’s thrown-on whether that’s off the tee or approaching the green. However, players often have to wait until a putter beats-in to do so. Not the case with the Whale. Plus, its built-in torque resistance is ideal for medium and short forehand shots.Great for: Short DrivesInside the circle puttsWindy approachesChoose this disc: Stop trying to swim upstream with discs that don’t fit your game. Let the current take you straight to the green with the Whale.
    KC Pro Whale
  2. The Beast was issued in the era of the wide rimmed driver. The Beast was an instant classic when it was released; giving players more distance using less power. The Beast’s high glide, high speed and high speed turn all combine to give big distance. It is suitable for beginners and pros alike.
    Pro Beast
  3. The Katana is built with the finesse thrower in mind. Recommended downwind driver. Hit the angle right and watch it bolt out of sight. The physical characteristics resemble a Boss with the flight characteristics of a Sidewinder on steroids. Master the technique of Katana and rule the course.
    Pro Katana

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Innova Pro plastic is the next progression from DX plastic. It provides excellent grip even in wet weather, enhanced durability, and still maintains affordability. It comes in a number of varieties including Driver Pro, R-Pro, KC Pro, JK Pro, and Yeti Pro and most are suitable for all skill levels.

The Next Challenge

So you’ve gotten the hang of DX discs and now you’re ready to take on more. Time to graduate to Pro plastic. It's got everything DX has, but added durability, improved grip, and a softer feel on most disc models. Consider it the bridge between the baseline and premium plastics. 

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Why Disc Golfers Choose Pro Plastic

Incredible Grip

Weather: Whether it's rainy, or cold; or hot weather is making your hands super sweaty, Pro plastic keeps its grip. 

Grip = Confidence: Confidence is a must when it comes to hitting gaps and landing zones. That all starts with supreme grip, which Pro plastic has in spades. 

Other reasons to go with Pro:

  • Several plastic varieties
  • Reliable performance
  • Low cost (One of Innova's most affordable plastics)
  • Reduced beat-in time
  • The Pig (It's only available in R-Pro plastic!)

Different Varieties of Innova Pro Plastic


Durability and Grip Comparison of Innova's Pro plastics.


Driver Pro

Several of Innova's top driver molds are produced in a specialized Pro plastic called Driver Pro, which is a middle of the road blend with a softer, flexier feel and reduced beat-in time. Plus, Driver Pro plastic is known for having additional glide, making it one of the best Innova plastics for maximum distance.

Feel of Driver Pro: Typically softer and more flexible than other Innova plastics, including DX (Innova's baseline plastic).

Durability of Driver Pro: A step up from DX and the most durable among the Pro plastics, but not quite the level of Champion and Star.

Who throws Driver Pro: Typically beginners and intermediate players.

Not a Power Thrower? Some players may not have the arm strength to handle a Star or Champion Destroyer, but a Destroyer in the less overstable Pro plastic is right up their alley for max distance. A well beaten driver in Driver Pro plastic can easily turn into a roller disc as well. 

Top Sellers:  Pro Destroyer. Pro Wraith. Pro Leopard.


Innova Pro Destroyer. Yellow color.


R-Pro Plastic

Inclement weather may stop some disc golfers, but it won’t stop you if you’re slinging Innova R Pro plastic, Innova's most grippy plastic. Not only is R Pro Plastic the best plastic for cold or wet weather, the gummy and flexible texture feels awesome for all conditions. R-Pro plastic is used most commonly for mid range and putt and approach discs. 

Feel of R-Pro Discs: Softer, flexy plastic that provides superior grip even when conditions are at their worst. 

Durability of R-Pro: Outlasts DX plastic, but not as durable as other Pro plastics.

Who throws Innova R Pro plastic? Intermediate to pros looking for maximum grip. Also ideal for those living in colder climates.

Top Sellers: R-Pro Pig. R-Pro Rhyno. R-Pro Xero

Did you know? The World Distance Record was made with an Innova R Pro Boss. In March 2016, David Wiggins Jr. threw a 154-gram R-Pro Boss 1,108.92 feet at the High Desert Distance Challenge in Primm, Nevada.

JK Pro Plastic

If you wanna get a better hold of your putting, it’s time to try the Innova Aviar in the JK Pro plastic. JK Pro is a gummy plastic blend that predates R-Pro and it's exclusively used for the JK Pro Aviar-X putt and approach disc.

Feel of JK Pro: Tackier grip, plus its soft feel make it a favorite putter for many golfers serious about their short game.

Durability of JK Pro: Similar to R-Pro and KC Pro plastic. Outlasts DX plastic, but not as durable as Driver Pro.

Who throws Innova JK Pro plastic? Intermediate to pros. Many skilled players use it for a driving putter as well.

Did you know? JK stands for Juliana Korver, a disc golf hall of famer and 5-time World Champion. She relies on the JK Aviar as her main putter and for short, controllable drives. Korver is the only woman in the history of the US Disc Golf Championship to place high enough to earn cash


Innova JK Pro Aviar. Orange color.

KC Pro Plastic

KC Pro Aviar. KC Pro Roc. Heard of these disc golf discs? Each of these and a select group of other Innova putter and midrange discs are made from a special blend of Innova Pro plastic referred to as KC Pro. Whereas other Pro plastics are extremely grippy and flexible, KC Pro is firm and smooth. 

Feel of Innova KC Pro: Smooth, stiffer feel. It’s the least grippy of the Pro plastics.

Durability of KC Pro: On par with JK Pro and R-Pro as far as toughness.

Who throws KC Pro: Experienced players, including top level pros, who prefer a more stiff, smooth feeling putter or mid range disc.

Did you know? KC stands for Ken Climo. With more than 200 career wins including 12 world titles, he’s one of the game’s greatest champions ever.

Top Sellers: KC Pro Aviar. KC Pro Roc. KC Pro Whale


Innova KC Pro Roc. Teal color.

Yeti Pro Plastic 

Like JK Pro, Yeti Pro encompasses just one disc, but it's a good one. The Yeti Pro Aviar is a tacky version of the Aviar Big Bead mold. It's defining feature is its concave top. The Yeti Pro Aviar is the signature disc of 5-time World Putting Champ Jay "Yeti" Reading. 

Feel of Innova Yeti Pro: Stiffer feel, tacky to the touch.

Durability of Yeti Pro: On par with JK and KC Pro plastics.

Who Throws Yeti Pro: Intermediate to professional players. After the disc was introduced in 2013, many have not putted without it. Great approach putter as well. 


Innova Plastics. Graph Comparison of Grip and Durability.

Comparison of Innova Pro Plastic with Other Innova Plastics

Every plastic has its pros and cons. Let's take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of Innova Pro Line plastic compared to other Innova plastics. Though there are subtle differences between the various Pro plastics, for this comparison we'll use overall qualities of Pro plastic. 

Comparing Grip

Pro plastic has the most grip compared to other Innova plastics (Excluding KC Pro plastic). It's the choice for wet conditions or cold weather. 

Comparing Cost

The price of Pro plastic is a notch above DX, but it's noticeably less than the premium Champion and Star Line plastics. 

Comparing Durability

A step up from DX, but not quite the level of Champion, Star, and Halo Star plastic. After a Pro driver is well broken-in, try it as your next roller disc

Chart Grip-ability: A set of Innova Flight Charts comes with a poster comparing the Durability and Grip of each Innova plastic. It's great for a quick reference at home.


Innova Flight Charts: Plastic Type Comparison


Comparing Stability

Pro plastic is a notch more overstable than DX plastic, but it's noticeably more understable than Champion, Star, or Halo Star blends. Like DX, Pro plastic has reduced beat-in time so the disc flies as intended sooner. 


The Science Behind the Grip of Innova Pro Plastic

The composition of Innova Pro Plastic includes additives that increase friction. This ensures excellent grip in both dry and wet weather conditions.

How to Choose the Right Disc in Pro Plastic

When choosing a golf disc in Pro plastic it's important to first think about what you'll be using the disc for, whether it's for putt/approach, mid-range throws, or driving. Additionally, take into account how you prefer the disc to feel in your hand.


  • Softer: R-Pro. JK Pro.
  • Firmer: KC Pro. Yeti Pro.

Mid Range:

  • Softer: R-Pro.
  • Firm and Smooth: KC Pro.


  • Softer: Driver Pro

Questions & Answers

Is Innova Pro plastic good?

Innova Pro plastic is a very good option for beginner disc golfers looking for a more durable plastic blend, but still has a very affordable price. There are several varieties of drivers, mid - range discs, and putters available in the family of Pro plastic. 

What is the flippiest Innova plastic?

The flippiest Innova plastic is DX plastic. It is the most understable right off the shelf and it becomes more understable faster than other Innova plastics. Pro plastic would be seen as the next most understable or flippy Innova plastic because of its quick break-in time and middle of the road durability. 

What Innova plastic is most stable?

The most stable widely available Innova plastic is Champion plastic. It's made from a premium plastic blend that is extremely durable. Not only do Champion discs start out as the most overstable plastic, but Champion plastic discs retain their original flight characteristics longer than any other Innova plastic. 

Is KC Pro plastic durable?

Innova KC Pro plastic has good general durability, but compared to Innova's other plastic lines, KC Pro is among the least durable. However, many players use this to their advantage, bundling up on their favorite model to utilize it in various stages of wear for specific flight patterns.

What is KC Pro plastic?

KC Pro plastic is a plastic blend manufactured by Innova Disc Golf that was created for the professional caliber disc golfer, specifically 12-time World Champion Ken Climo. It has a smooth, firm plastic texture that Climo preferred for his Aviar putter and Roc Mid - Range disc. KC Pro continues to be one of the favorite blends for professional disc golfers everywhere. 

Which Innova plastic is best for rain?

The Innova plastic best for rain is Pro plastic specifically R-Pro plastic. The plastic blend is great for all conditions, but really shines in inclement weather because it maintains its extra grip. Some of Innova's most popular short range discs are produced in R-Pro plastic like the Pig and Rhyno.

What is JK Pro plastic?

JK Pro plastic is a soft, flexible blend of plastics used for the popular JK Pro Aviar, a putter that utilizes a large bead at the end of the disc's rim. The plastic is an excellent choice for players who crave a grippy plastic for putting or approach shots.