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  1. Paint beautiful glowing lines in the night sky with the Innova Glow DX Valkyrie – a distance driver that makes long turnovers possible for the masses.How it feels: Unique Velvet-like DX feel.Glow DX Valkyrie Flight numbers:  9 / 4 / -2 / 2Durability: Similar to DX in that it is the least durable Innova plastic. Easy to break-in, though.How it flies: At only a 9-speed, the Innova Valkyrie may seem like a sleeper of a distance driver, but this classic neutral to understable driver has tremendous power potential. Don’t forget that for ten years the Valkyrie held the World Distance Record at 820 feet. It’s a great choice for tailwind or downhill drives.Great for: Night GolfDay Golf300-400-foot drivesHyzer flipsChoose this disc: If you’re looking for a steadfast distance driver that carves lines at night, grab a Glow DX Valkyrie. Charge it with the Innova Glow Disc Golf Flashlight.
    Classic Glow DX Valkyrie
  2. If you’re into close encounters with the basket, look no further than the DX Alien, the declassified multipurpose disc that can send your game to the stars.How this large diameter disc feels: The upper half has a Sonic look and feel with its domey top and familiar fastback grooves. The bottom half though, is equipped with a thicker, more modern-day mid-range rim. The DX edition is extremely grippy.DX Alien Flight numbers: 4 / 2 / 0 / 1How it flies: With a flat release in fair conditions, the Alien flies straight 200-300 feet (depending on arm speed), and then torpedoes down – its signature move. Once its flight ends, it practically falls off the table.Because of its low carry, Innova Co Founder and Disc Inventor Dave Dunipace says the Alien is ideal for “Ranging,” meaning it does a better job landing where you aim.Versatile flightShort Drives | Mid Range Hyzer or Anhyzer | Backhand or Forehand approachesMultipurpose: Everyone can find a place for this disc even as a putter because this flying saucer loves to crash land in the chains.Great for:One disc rounds (for shorter courses)Drop and stop throws needed for island holes and other perilous landing areas.Touch anhyzer approaches, where there’s trouble behindFull power anny’s that comeback as faithfully as a Twilight Zone rerunsShort forehand approachesHow will I throw it? Experienced players with substantial power will enjoy manipulating the Alien for everything from short drives to baby approaches. For those with less arm speed may be surprised at the disc’s overstable finish, but once, but after some practice this disc will get lots of reps. Less experienced players should try it in DX plastic first.
  3. The Cheetah is a great driver for throwing straight long shots at any skill level. It is a very versatile disc that is predictably stable at lower speeds and will turnover slightly at higher speeds. It is an excellent disc choice for younger disc golfers.
    DX Cheetah

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Innova DX plastic is an entry level plastic line known for its affordability and excellent grip, making it suitable for players at all skill levels, but particularly useful to beginners.

Start With DX

DX is the plastic that turns people curious about disc golf into actual disc golfers and it’s the plastic where you’ll find the best beginner disc golf discs. Before you purchase discs in premium plastics try it in DX first.

Benefits of DX Plastic for Beginners

Beginners and Innova DX plastic go together like the Fourth of July and Fireworks. Where you find one, you'll find the other close by. Why?

  • It's the best low-cost way to get into the game of disc golf and build up your bag. Plus, if you lose one, replacing a DX disc definitely won't break the bank.
  • DX is the most understable Innova plastic, which is the best introduction to a new model, especially overstable discs.
  • Excellent grip even in wet weather.
  • Wide range of models to choose from.
  • Best selling Innova plastic

DX F2: Find a wide range of DX discs for cheap in our Factory Second DX discs.


Get a bundle! DX is the plastic used for our most popular Disc Golf Starter Set, which turn countless beginners onto the sport.


Innova Disc Golf Starter Set. Three discs including DX Aviar, DX Shark, and DX Leopard.

Innova DX Plastic Vs Other Innova Plastics

Every plastic has its pros and cons. Take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of DX Plastic.

Comparing Grip

Feel of DX: Fantastic all-weather grip. Softer feel for most models. Fingers love these discs.

Even though premium plastics like Star and Champion are all the rage nowadays, many experienced players would never give up their most trusted DX discs because of the remarkable grip. Plus, if moisture is an issue for the round, your DX discs will keep their grip better than other plastics, even premium plastics. In fact, many experienced tournament players will pack more DX discs going into a rainy round.

Comparing Cost

Quite possibly DX's best asset is its cheap price. This gives you the green light to expand your bag and experiment with new models. Not sure if a disc is for you? Try it with DX and find out without paying premium prices.

Comparing Durability

Durability: DX has good longevity for occasional play, however DX is the least durable plastic from Innova. Some disc golfers automatically discount DX plastic because of this, however what these players overlook is DX's incredible value for the price. 


Grip and durability comparison for Innova DX, Pro, and Champion and Star plastics.

Disc Cycling: Many professional disc golfers take advantage of DX's quick break-in time and bag several of a particular disc in various states of wear. That way, each one performs subtly different. Players often do this with DX Rocs. Their bag will include: A brand new Roc used for its overstable flight, a seasoned Roc for straight throws, a well-aged Roc for Mid - Range turnovers, and possibly more for every shot/stability in between.

Did you know? DX is Innova’s original plastic.

Comparing Stability

In terms of stability, DX plastic is Innova's most understable plastic and as a DX disc ages it will get more understable. If you're looking for an overstable distance driver like a Destroyer or a Firebird with a little less bite? Try the DX edition in a lighter weight could be just the ticket. A fairway driver like the DX Leopard is a great fix for errant drives off the tee. 

Choosing the Right Disc in Innova DX Plastic

Who Throws Innova DX plastic?

Though DX is more associated with beginners, every disc golfer, no matter their skill, can take advantage of these handy discs. In fact, many higher skilled players still stick with DX for their putters (like the Aviar or Classic Aviar) and mid range discs (like the Roc or Stingray). Savvy tournament players often switch to grippy DX for rainy rounds.

Things to Take Into Account

When choosing a DX disc, it's important to take into account the weight and stability of the disc as well as your arm speed. Even though DX is more understable than other plastics. Overstable discs like the Firebird and Eagle will still start out overstable, especially if you have slower arm speed. Consider selecting lighter discs to start with any disc selection, then work up to the heavier discs.


Finger pointing to written weight of disc. Disc weight is an important factor in disc selection.

Did you know? DX stands for Deluxe plastic. 

Different Types of Discs Available in Innova DX Plastic

You'll find most of Innova's disc models available in DX plastic. Whether you're seeking maximum distance, accuracy, or control, there's an Innova DX disc that suits your throwing style. Another advantage to DX is that they require little to no beat-in time, or in other words, you get the intended flight right out of the box. This is why DX plastic is the best plastic to try out new discs. Not sure how a Thunderbird will fly? Try it in DX first and save a few bucks.

How to Choose Based on Your Skill Level?

When choosing DX discs, consider starting with lower-speed and understable discs if you're a beginner like a Mako3 or Leopard. If those prove too understable for you check out the Roc or TeeBird and branch out from there. Experimenting with different disc molds and weights can help you find the perfect fit for your skill level and DX plastic is the perfect plastic to do that in.

How does weather condition impact the performance of Innova DX Plastic discs?

Though not as grippy as Innova's Pro plastic family, DX plastic still holds its own in inclement weather. Cold weather can make the plastic more stiff, affecting flight characteristics, while hot weather can make it more flexible, potentially causing the disc to be more understable.


Questions and Answers:

What is Innova DX plastic?

Innova's DX plastic is the company's most affordable, baseline plastic. It has great all-weather grip and quick beat-in time, which means these are perfect discs for beginner disc golfers. Most of Innova's disc models are available in DX plastic including best sellers like the Aviar, Roc, Leopard, TeeBird, and Firebird. 

How long does Innova DX plastic last?

It's no secret that Innova DX plastic does not last as long as Innova's premium plastics like Champion and Star (as far as retaining original flight ratings). However, discs made in DX plastic can be used for several years if players are prepared to use them for different shots as they age and become more understable.

What does DX stand for? 

Innova DX plastic stands for Deluxe plastic. DX plastic is the first kind of plastic Innova produced when it began manufacturing golf discs in 1983. It remains a popular choice as a low cost, beginner friendly plastic used for many Innova disc models. 

Is DX plastic understable?

Of all of Innova's widely available plastic types, DX is the most understable. DX not only starts out more understable than other Innova plastics including premium blends like Champion and Star, but it also wears at faster pace, making these discs more understable with time. 

What plastic do pro disc golfers use?

Pro disc golfers use a range of plastics to suit their game. Many choose drivers in Innova Champion and Star plastics because of their durability, but stick with grippier plastics like DX or Pro for putters, approach shots, and midrange discs. 

Are there different grades of plastic?

There are different grades of plastic for disc golf discs. Most manufacturers including Innova Disc Golf have several plastics available to suit every kind of player. DX plastic is generally geared for beginner players while the more durable and more overstable Champion and Star plastics work best for more experienced disc golfers.