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GrungeBob Splatter Star Leopard3

Are you ready frolfers? …. Hmm. For some reason I’m having trouble hearing you.  Are you ready frolfers? … Ahh that’s better. Are you ready for an Innova Leopard 3 that’s so fun to throw, you’ll feel like your disc golf game is an animated adventure?

If so, it’s time to take the plunge and throw the GrungeBob Innova Splatter Star Leopard3.

How this batch of Leopard 3 disc feels: Minimal to modest dome. Smooth Star plastic feel with ample grip. It’s seafarin’ fun.

*Amount of Splatter will vary.

More about the Design: Artist Brian Allen has a way of skewing familiar objects into something new and relatable. GrungeBob is a perfect example. And, his on-the-fringe look would put him right at home at the disc golf course or skate park. 

More about the Innova Leopard3: After you’ve said “Barnacles” in disgust for the 50th time following a tee shot it’s time to reach for the disc that’s made to float the fairway right out of the box. The Leopard 3 disc is flatter and faster than the Leopard we all know, but still inherits the Leopard’s knack for control.

*Great for finesse and steady turning shots as well.

So if lasering drives is something you wish … Then drop what you’re doing and purchase this disc.

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