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  1. Full Color Discs - InnVision Destroyer - Star Distance DriverBuilt to clear your path straight to the green, the InnVision Destroyer brings comic book caliber illustrations combined with the best grip yet from a full color disc.**InnVision Colors Will VaryHow this batch of full color Star Destroyer feels: Noticeable dome typical of a Destroyer. InnVision color design feels like it’s barely there. Let’s rampage the course!More about the InnVision Process: InnVision is the next evolution in full color disc design. With it, you get incredible detail and vivid colors, but without the unwanted texture left behind by other disc coloring processes. Pigeonholed as collector discs in the past, full color discs can now be your go-to disc on the course thanks to the InnVision color process.More about the Destroyer disc: The Destroyer is the distance driver all others are judged by. It is very fast and overstable. This disc is much like a faster Wraith, but with a little more high and low speed stability. Great disc for sidearm throwers and those with lots of power.
  2. If you’ve got plenty of power, it’s time you graduated to the Innova Star Destroyer. It’s the distance driver all others are judged by. More about the Destroyer: Boom goes the dynamite. The Destroyer is an explosive disc that provides an immediate impact upon the course. It is very fast and overstable and can go forever with the right amount of arm speed. This disc is much like a faster Wraith, but with a little more high and low speed stability. Great disc for sidearm throwers too. It's recommended for experienced players. 
    Star Destroyer

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The Innova Destroyer is an overstable distance driver that's an all-time favorite among power backhand and sidearm throwers. It's easy to tell why it's such a popular disc. It files super far, can handle any wind, and has a reliable finish. 

Flight Numbers: 12 / 5 / -1 / 3

Diameter: 21.1 cm

Rim Width: 1.9 cm

First Released: June, 2007

Flight: How the Destroyer flies

The Innova Destroyer is a disc that changed disc golf forever. It gave players the ever elusive combo of high speed, glide, and freakish fade that results in monster distance. Thrown with the proper amount of power, the Destroyer disc flies straight for an incredible distance followed by a significant fade back to the ground. It has no problems with headwinds and once beat in, you can expect even greater distance.

Innova Destroyer Flight Numbers

Innova Destroyer Flight Numbers

The Destroyer's flight pattern is a thing of beauty. Let's find out why the disc flies like it does.

Speed: 12

Big distance starts with speed and the Destroyer has plenty of it. With a speed rating of 12, only a few notches below Innova's speediest discs, the Destroyer can really burn up the fairway.

For more speed try the Innova Charger.

For less speed try the Innova Wraith

Glide: 5

Nearly maxing out on glide means the Destroyer will significantly cruise down the fairway before the end of flight fade kicks in. 

High Speed Turn: -1

The Destroyer gains its max distance due in large part to it's slight high speed turn. It will flip up ever so slightly to put you way down the fairway.

Fade: 3

That’s about as high as fade gets. Big fade combined with zero turn means you can put everything you got into this disc and have no doubt it’s coming back.

For more overstability try the Innova XCaliber.

For less overstability try the Innova Shryke.

Power Levels Compared

Low Power / Newer player:

High-fade discs like the Destroyer can be a challenge to control if you lack the power. Instead of bagging the Destroyer, start with slower, more neutral discs like the Hawkeye or Valkyrie. Not recommended. Red light!

Medium Power / Intermediate Player:

If you've already grown out of stable, straight discs like TL3 and Beast, it might be Destroyer time. Intermediate players may find it more useful for forehand shots before their backhand comes around. Don't be afraid to start out in a lighter weight and in less overstable plastics, too. Recommended - Proceed with Caution.

Full Power / Advanced Player

For power players, the Destroyer is a must. It's a great way to channel all that power into massive distance shots. Equally beneficial for backhands and sidearms. Recommended - Green Light!

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Plastic Types

We know this disc rips, so let's find out which plastics it comes in.

Pick DX plastic as your introduction to the Destroyer. This is the least overstable of all the plastics and will beat in quicker to produce a straighter flight.

Grip: Good all-around, all-weather grip.

Durability: Least durable of Innova plastics (short break-in time, though)

Pro is an excellent 'middle-of-the road' plastic. For stability, grip, and durability, Pro plastic performs right in the middle compared to other Innova plastics. Reach for one of these in inclement weather to be assured of a clean release.

Grip: Excellent all-weather grip. Typically softer and more flexible than DX plastic.

Durability: A step up from DX, but not quite the level of Champion and Star.

If the Star Destroyer is too much disc for you, Grab the GStar version. It's known to be more understable and friendly to less powerful players. Longer throwers will be able to pull off shots like hyzer flips with ease in GStar plastic.

Grip: Grippiest of Innova’s premium plastics. Soft and flexy. Ideal for wet, cold weather.

Durability: High durability.

This is the plastic the Destroyer won the world over with and what you'll find in the bag of countless professional disc golfers. Star plastic gives you incredible durability while maintaining a grippy feel in the hand. Meant for experienced players, the Star Destroyer is slightly less firm than Champion plastic while still retaining its same flight characteristics.

Grip: Good all-conditions grip. Many players only throw Star plastic.

Durability: Very durable. Nearly as durable as Champion and Halo Star plastic.

If you prefer lightweight plastic that bombs then this is the disc for you! Tightly bound air bubbles help convert overstable discs like the Destroyer into lighter, more accessible drivers. Great for older players!

Grip: Smooth grip sufficient for mild, dry conditions. Champion plastic offers the least grip of Innova plastics.

Durability: Innova’s most durable, long-lasting plastic

Halo plastic is known to be slightly more overstable and have more glide than typical Star plastic. Grip is also enhanced. With their intense two-color combinations, Halo Destroyers are a sight to behold. They are a must for Destroyer fanatics.

Grip: Excellent grip that bests the desirable Star plastic

Durability: Among Innova’s most durable plastic. Just a notch below Champion.

If you're looking for something a little outside the norm, check out some of our specialty stock offerings like the InnVision Star Destroyer, the super colorful I-Dye Champion Destroyer, or the Bottom Stamp Star Destroyer.  Although not stock offerings, you can occasionally find Glow Champion, Luster Champion, Metal Flake Champion, and Echo Star Destroyers in limited runs as well.

Some of the most collectible Destroyers are stock discs from yesteryear. These discs have the signature of past Innova sponsored disc golfers like Avery Jenkins, Paul McBeth, and Ricky Wysocki. Of these, the Avery Jenkins Destroyers are the most valuable because of their age, rarity, and preferred flight. One thing missing from these Destroyers are the flight numbers and so they are known as (PFN) Pre Flight Number Star Destroyers. Other prized Destroyers include: the 10th Anniversary Star Destroyer, Calvin Heimburg Tour Series Halo Destroyers, and the 2015 Paul McBeth Grand Slam Star Destroyer.

In many cases, artwork can elevate a disc from cool to completely awesome. At DGU, we pride ourselves on pairing awesome discs with incredible artwork and that goes double for the Destroyer. Some of the Destroyer stamps we've done include: Maritime Law, SlingBlade, Legendary Destroyer, XXL Barbarian, XXL Profile Destroyer. Count Chuckula, and more. See if we've got a DGU Original Destroyer here: DGU Originals

If you are looking to buy a Destroyer for less $$, an Innova Factory Second Destroyer is the way to go. F2 discs are discounted because they have minor blemishes and/or multiple stamps. They perform the same as stock discs. Keep in mind that F2 models and plastics can vary. Check with us if you are looking for something specific: info@discgolfunited.

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Why Throw A Destroyer?

There are so many ways to utilize a Destroyer! Here are the top 6 throws:

Backhand/Forehand Max Distance Shots:

Many will first pick up the Destroyer as a max distance backhand disc. But power players soon realize its just as effective as a forehand bomber. Either way, you'll feel confident that no matter how hard your rip into it, this beefcake is coming back. Bombs away!

Headwind Shots:

Gusty headwinds will feel more like gentle breezes when you're throwing this overstable wonder.

Overhead Shots (Tomahawk/Thumber):

Due to it's overstability, the Destroyer will have a wide panning flight before hitting its apex and gliding back to the ground in the opposite direction. Play with release angles to get the desired results for a wide array of flight paths.

Monster Hyzers:

Throwing hyzer lines with the Destroyer is as natural as hearing chains after a 10-foot putt.  Great glide and fade allow this disc to hyzer hard while still pushing forward.

Hyzer Skip Shots:

Here's a pro tip: Very overstable discs like the Destroyer can be used to skip around a corner when you're facing a low ceiling or a severe dog leg turn. Just aim the disc so it hits the ground at the curve and you're golden!

Force Flex Shots:

Use this shot when a power 'S' shaped shot is needed. Force it anhyzer, then watch it come back right on time.

Who Should Throw a Destroyer?

We do not recommend beginners using this disc. 

Advanced players with substantial power will feel right at home with this disc. With a little field work they will be able to unlock its true flight potential.

Intermediate players with improving arm speed will see their use limited to specific shots like power forehands and pure hyzer shots. These players should first try it in less overstable plastics like DX, Pro, and GStar and a weights less than 170 grams.

We do not recommend beginners using this disc. 

What Are Players Saying About The Destroyer?

Consistency. Bomber. Overstable. Predictable in headwinds. Players love the Destroyer for all of these reasons and more. Let's check out a couple reviews.

Christian Dietrich (Touring Pro)

"The Destroyer is the choice of an overwhelming number of top pros for precision control with maximum distance. It is easier to throw accurately at maximum power than any other disc on the market."

Jeremy Koling (2016 US Champ)

"It's the most reliable forehand / backhand go-to distance driver in the game because it has enough stability to hold a long turnover, and it can still be trusted to fade back at the end, which can give it lots of distance. It’s also reliable in any sort of wind.” 

Ohn Scoggins (2-Time Masters World Champ)

"If it's super windy I go with the Destroyer. All day long."

Dwain (DGU Customer)

"This is a go to distance driver in my bag. Good stability and can bomb! If you haven't tried one yet then you are missing out."

History of the Destroyer

The Innova Destroyer gained PDGA approval on June 26, 2007. It was received with great anticipation by players around the world as it was released as the first ever 12 speed. The response? Players loved it! And they still love it more than a decade later. It will go down as one of the most popular drivers ever made.

Questions & Answers

When did the Destroyer come out?

The Innova Destroyer gained PDGA approval on June 26, 2007. It didn't take long for it to become the go-to overstable distance driver in the Innova lineup. Since then, professional players the world over have relied on the Destroyer for consistent big distance shots.

Is the Destroyer overstable?

The Destroyer is an example of an overstable distance driver. It has a high fade rating of 3 which means it can withstand lots of power and strong headwinds. Its overstability also makes it perfect for hyzer skip shots, hyzer bombs and any other type of shot that require a reliable fade at the end of its flight.

How does a Destroyer compare to a Boss?

The Innova Destroyer and Boss are quite similar. Both discs are very overstable maximum distance drivers. The main difference between the two is that the Boss is a 13 speed compared to the Destroyer's 12. The rim of the Boss is also tad larger. The Boss was the disc used to throw the world distance record.

How does a Destroyer compare to a Charger?

The Innova Charger is a recent addition to the Innova distance driver lineup and was designed to fill the gap between the Shryke and Destroyer. The Charger is one speed faster and has a straighter flight than the Destroyer. Less powerful players will have an easier time throwing the Charger.

How does a Destroyer compare to a Wraith?

Reach for the Wraith for similar shots to the Destroyer when you don't need as much distance. The Innova Wraith is a distance driver with flight numbers of 11 / 5 / -1 / 3. It is one speed slower than the Destroyer with a similar flight path. The Destroyer will fly farther due to its speed.

What is the best plastic for a Destroyer?

For beginners to intermediate players reach for Destroyers in DX, Pro, and GStar plastics. These discs are less overstable and will give you max distance while maintaining proper technique. Advanced players will love the Destroyer in premium plastics such as Star and Champion.

How can I get more distance with a Destroyer?

Start by getting the right plastic for your game. Destroyers in DX, Pro, and GStar plastics are the most understable and thus easier for most players to achieve max distance. Choosing lighter weights can also make a difference. Remember to release the disc on a flat to anhyzer angle to unlock the Destroyer's max flying potential. 

Phil Albatross with Destroyer (5 years later)