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Innova Throwback Fanny Pack

Why are Kangaroos considered the most feared animal in the animal kingdom? … Because they have a pouch and they can put stuff in it - plain and simple.

Be the Kangaroo of your group with DGU’s new Throwback Fannypack. All of your gizmos and do-dads crucial to your round will be sitting comfortably right along your stomach.


Material: 80% recycled fast food napkins. 20% recycled county fair ribbons.

Great for:

  • Obsessive chap-stick users

  • Snacks that require dipping

  • Players who wear socks with their crocs

Afraid of looking lame with a fanny pack?

We’re so confident in our Throwback Fanny pack, that if you don’t love it after 6 years of use, we’ll send you a party sub to your home or business.