Please Note: Actual stamp and disc color combinations will vary from sample images.

2017 Lisa Fajkus Star Shryke

Made in the Shades

Lisa Fajkus was racking her brain for something unique for her Team Champion Series.  “And, it just came to me while I was in my car. I looked up and saw my sunglasses in the reflection in the rear view mirror. And I just thought, 'Hey that’s something that would look cool on a disc,” said Fajkus of Round Rock, Texas, which is north of Austin. 

She's right. Reflected in a pair of sunglasses is a quintessential Austin, Texas disc golf scene, with a tee pad and basket among rolling hills and mature trees. 

Fajkus said she worked with local artist John 'Worm" Gold in bringing her vision to reality. She said it's got a calm, cool look and also symbolizes how she's getting her name out there for the first time. And she liked how it turned out. 

"It’s hard to pick the artwork. I feel it’s quite personal. I think you can go so many directions. It’s hard to start. But, I’m pleased how it came out, definitely,” said Fajkus, who placed 3rd at Pro Worlds - her best finish yet.

The stamp appears on the Star Shryke - a disc that's found a place in her bag. 

"Right now it’s one of my number one bomber discs in my bag," said Fajkus, who likes the disc's fast, and turny characteristics, which also works well for her long flicks. Look for Fajkus to crush some of these Shrykes as she continues her tour, first at a local event in Texas followed by some big tour action like the Ledgestone.