Soothsayer Shimmer Star Savant

Get beyond the norm by getting into our Mystic Series. The designs are so mesmerizing you’ll be filled with visions of beautiful lines and park jobs.

How these Savants feel: Noticeable dome on all colors except Purple Steel, which are fairly flat. Good grip. Older Shimmer Star plastic (penned).

More about the design: Cousin to our popular Oracle Series and upcoming Oculus Series, our Mystic discs, with their multi-faceted design, beg for a closer look. And, as you do, you might find yourself entranced by the Tarot Card inspired theme.

More about the Savant: An excellent stable to slightly overstable fairway driver, the Star Savant provides an option similar to the Thunderbird with extra glide and less fade.

More to come!

Look for more eye-catching Mystic designs and a new College Disc Golf fundraiser from the same artist.