USDGC Champion Maverick Roc

All discs are 180g

Do you feel the need … the need for speed?

You most certainly will, once you lock-on to the latest USDGC Roc, the XXL “Maverick Roc.”

What kind of Rocs? All discs are the classic Rancho Mold and include Champion, Luster Champion, and Glow Champion.

Champion: have the typical moderate dome associated with Champion Rancho Rocs.

Luster Champion: feel slightly flatter than the Champion and Glow Champion versions.

More about the design:

Believe it or not, impulse shopping helped bring this Roc design to life. While randomly pursuing the web for something random to buy, we came across an over the top patriotic t-shirt of a bald eagle wearing aviator glasses with the American flag in the lenses’ reflection.We thought that design belonged on a Roc. 

The end result reminded us of a slick, yet brash 80’s fighter pilot, so we lovingly call it the Maverick Roc. "Talk To Me, Goose…”

What hole is that?

Each year the Winthrop Arena Course sees various tweaks, but last year the course had two completely new holes, which hasn’t happened for several years. We wanted to highlight one of them, (the new Hole #4) by featuring it in the reflection of the Roc bird’s glasses.

Bring it on home

Big on bravado, this Roc bird knows what it’s after. Make sure it’s your wingman on the course so you don’t have to write checks your game can’t cash.