USDGC Grateful Roc Tie Dye Tee

100% of 100

We know a new shirt is going to be popular when we get flooded with inquiries from our co-workers as soon as the box gets opened. With the Grateful Roc skull filled with intricate, eye-popping color, we can see why.

Crafted by Thought Space Athletics, this artwork was inspired by the Grateful Dead’s “Steal Your Face” lightning skull Logo.

You don’t have to be a Grateful Dead fanatic to dig this shirt, but it certainly helps. There are several subtle connections to the iconic band including the roses, purple sun, and golden road.

You may have wondered how this image came to appear on a Roc’s skull. One day while visiting a Virginia Tech fan store, USDGC official Adrian Southern saw a Hokie skull with a cool scene reminiscent of that familiar Grateful Dead logo.

“I thought to myself, ‘hey, what a good idea’. That belongs on a Roc,” said Southern.

Material: 100 % Cotton.