XXL Profile Clear Flat Top Champion Firebird

100% of 100

With the new XXL Profile Firebird design we get you closer to the fabled fiery bird than ever before. In fact, if you got any closer, you’d probably internally combust.

About the disc:

Flat Top Clear Champion Firebird: Clear plastic really lets the artwork shine. Overstable perfection. Great for meat hooks, power forehands and thumbers. Post-production flattened.

About the design:

The Firebird is the second edition of our new Profile Series, which provides a unique head-on perspective of popular Innova disc characters.

The up-close design was the perfect opportunity to capture the flaming bird’s intensity. Flames replace feathers throughout its head and its eyes grab you as if you’ve done something wrong.

For Firebird lovers, and there are many, this purchase is a no brainer.