XXL Zen Pro Gator

How it feels: More Dome, but not super domey. Feels similar to KC Pro plastic.

Who should throw this: Players with less arm speed looking for a stable to overstable disc.

More about the Gator:

A power control disc that delivers pin-point accuracy even in adverse wind conditions. Also Ideal for forehands, spike hyzers, and sharp skips.

Pro Gators are a unique plastic only offered from Innova’s Custom Stamp menu. Though less stable than their Star or Champion counterparts they’re still designed with a firm fade.

More on the design:

Marm O. Set delivered another stunning yin-yang styled design with the Zen Gator artwork.

Compared to his other Zen designs, the Gator was a tough nut to crack. He loves the alligator’s scales and he wanted to include as many as he could. But, they’re not easy to do right, he says.

Read more about his design and see a cool work-flow video at the DGU Blog.