Please Note: Actual stamp and disc color combinations will vary from sample images.

2022 Pumpkin Color Glow DX Roc

Innova Pumpkin - Color Glow Roc - 2022 Edition

Talk about being left on the vine too long! Our Innova Pumpkins are so delightfully spoiled they’ve attracted all kinds of seedy characters. So, harvest your Glow Pumpkin Roc before things get real ugly!

***Notice: Like any pumpkin patch, there will be wide array of orange: from ghostly pale to traditional orange.

How this batch Color Glow DX Roc feels: Noticeable dome typical of Roc.

More about this Innova Pumpkin Design: Just like the inevitable return of the horror movie villain, our Innova Pumpkins are back and they’re a Halloween feast for the eyes (Don’t get any ideas, zombies). Still attached to a twisted, gnarled pumpkin vine, our frightfully rotten Jack-o-lantern is joined by a host of spooky elements one of which is doing a little practice putting near the pumpkin’s stem.

More about the Roc: One of the most used discs in disc golf, the Innova Roc has found the hands of countless disc golfers – and many have never let go of the overstable but extremely versatile large diameter mid range disc. Find new uses for this predictable disc as it gradually ages.

Tis the Season: Our Innova pumpkins are a disc golf Halloween tradition. Before you break the bank on Halloween candy, make sure you’ve got a pumpkin on the way.