Please Note: Actual stamp and disc color combinations will vary from sample images.

Auto Pilot R-Pro Aero

Wish you had a magic wand for your disc golf rounds? Our Auto Pilot Innova Aero in Rpro plastic is so easy to use for your approaches, you’ll swear it’s magic.

*A Marm O Set design

How this batch of Rpro Innova Aero feels: 160 grams and up have moderate dome typical of Aero. 159 grams and below have noticeable dome. Tacky grip. Soft. A real treat to handle. Maximum grippage.

More about the stamp: For the Auto Pilot design, Artist Marm O. Set drew from the glamorous and modern Art Deco style popular in the 1920’s, which influenced everything from skyscrapers to automobiles to fashion, and more than a hundred years later, disc golf stamps.

More about the R-Pro Aero: Everyone needs a short to medium range approach disc that can carve any line including those squiggly ones needed in the woods. The R-Pro Aero can do all of that. Plus, its off-the-charts glide can land you in putting range even when you thought it was impossible.

Any approach regardless of release angle is super easy and requires minimal power. It’s almost like the disc has a switch to flip from anhyzer to hyzer. Just put it on a line and this Auto Pilot Aero does the rest.

The Official Circle 3 Putter?

You may have a putter already in mind for circle 1 and circle 2 putts. But what about Circle 3? Our resident Aero experts Zeb Campbell and Andrew Duvall say the R-Pro Aero is incredibly deadly when it comes to ultra long-range putts 67 feet and longer.

Innova Aero Flight Numbers: 3 / 6 / 0 / 0

Use the Aero for:

  • Precision, sharpshooter approaches.
  • Long Tailwind second shots
  • Downhill touch shots
  • Slow, forever turning anhyzers

Also, great for happy-go-lucky one-disc rounds. Check out our Aero Challenge we did recently.