Please Note: Actual stamp and disc color combinations will vary from sample images.

Champion Jay

Innova Jay - Champion Mid Range Disc

The Innova Jay makes must-have straight shots routine. With mild fade at the flight’s end, this point and shoot disc will have you routinely nesting upon the green.

How it feels: The Jay is a low profile, large diameter mid range with a microbead on the rim. It’s got a flat flight plate that feels right at home in your hand. **The Champion Jay is slightly stiffer than the Star edition.

Flight numbers: 5 / 4 / 0 / 1

How it flies: If you like frozen ropes with a gradual fade make some room in your bag for the Jay. It’s similar to the Lion or Shark, but with less of an overstable bite at the end. The Jay follows the line you put it on no matter which way you release it.

“If you like point and shoot and you don’t want to beat the snot out of your Roc3 to get it. Out of the box you got it right here,” said disc creator Dave Dunipace.

How will I throw it? Thrown flat, intermediate disc golfers will experience a dependable, gentle fade after a significantly straight flight. Power throwers will experience similarly straight flights but with a mild turn midway through.

Choose this disc: If you are trying to fill a certain hole in your bag between a Roc3 and Mako3 then the Jay is your bird.