Cocoa Putts Disc Golf Pin

Go Loco for Cocoa Putts on your disc golf bag with our deliciously sweet Cocoa Putts disc golf pin.

Measurement: 1.5” X 1.25”

**Two pin clasps ensure a snug hold.

More About the Cereal Thrillers Series: Each one of these fun-filled pieces of flair is based on a Marm O. Set’s Cereal Thrillers disc designs inspired by the sugary morning cereals we all grew up with or at least wanted to (C’mon mom!).  

*Marm O. Set designed pin backing card.

Great for:

  • Your required 37 Pieces of Flair for work
  • Livening up your jean jacket or other things you wear when trying to look cool

Make sure your bag looks good enough to eat with our Cereal Thriller disc golf pins.