DISCollector Box 4-Pack

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This box is the all in one solution for storing, transporting, and showcasing your disc collection. Vibrant INNOVA branding on the outside with innovative design on the inside. Internal slots with removable cardboard dividers allow you to create custom sized compartments, keeping your discs from jostling around. This also allows you to stand the box on its end without worrying about discs falling out.

At nearly 5 pounds, this is no puny box. Outer dimensions are 27.5" long, 10.5" wide, and 9.5" tall. Without dividers the box will hold 48 Destroyers, 43 Rocs, or 38 Aviars. Features:

  • Reinforced corrugated cardboard walls
  • Nesting lid that works on top or bottom
  • Hand hold slots on both ends
  • 19 removable cardboard dividers
  • Up to 20 individual compartments
  • Area to label box on both ends