F2 Champion 2 Disc Mystery Box

Special Price $22.00 Regular Price $24.00

Every disc golfer needs a little mystery in their life. DGU’s Factory Second Innova Champion Mystery Boxes are the perfect thing. It’s the most affordable way to get a bundle of quality F2 discs.

Here’s what you get: 2 Factory Second Champion discs.

  • Discs may be any combination of Champion Drivers, Putters, or Mid-Range discs.
  • Discs weights will range from 151 to 175 grams for Drivers and Putters and 160 to 180 grams for Mid-Range discs. (Many of our F2 Mystery Discs fall in the 165-169 range). 

More about Factory Seconds: A Factory Second disc has cosmetic imperfections which do not affect flight or durability. These discs may contain bubbles or flecks in the plastic, other cosmetic imperfections, and/or multiple stamps. Stamp size, design, color, placement, and number of stamps on each factory second disc may vary widely.

Preferences: You may enter weight and or color preferences in the “Item Specific Notes” section, however we cannot guarantee availability.