Frolf Performance Headband

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Don’t settle for a sweat drenched face as you step up to the teepad or line up a putt. Keep your head cool and your sweat at bay with the extremely breathable and moisture wicking Frolf Performance Sports Headband.

Size: One size fits most. Light weight, too.

Material: Performance Blend of Micro Polyester and spandex.

How this disc golf headband feels: Classic tapered design makes it easy to pull on and off. Adjusts to your head size, but still stays in place.


* Wick away sweat * Keep hair out of eyes * Protect your forehead from sun rays.


  • Wide / Thick coverage: From the front it has 3.5" coverage
  • 50+ UPF Sun
  • Multiuse – Great for any sport or activity where sweat is an issue.