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Stock Disc Promo: get 10% off all stock discs when you buy any combination of 3+.

GStar Mako3

92% of 100

The Innova GStar Mako3 provides laser straight lines in a plastic that’s both super grippy and long lasting.

How the Mako3 disc feels: The Mako3’s thin rim makes grip and release natural for any sized hands. Dome can range from pretty flat to noticeable.

Mako3 Flight Numbers: 5 / 5 / 0 / 0

How the Mako3 flies: How do you lower your score? Simple. Stay in the fairway. And, no disc does it better than the Mako3. This stable to understable large diameter mid range has a slow and steady speed and hugs the line you lay it on, especially when it’s a straight one. Its ease of use puts control in the hands of every golfer.

Gstar plastic provides the most grip and flexibility from a premium Innova plastic. It’s an all-season plastic but it really shines in wet and cold seasons. As far as durability, it ranks among our longest lasting plastics. GStar plastic is generally more understable than Champion and Star plastics.

Great for:

  • Consistently straight medium length drives and approaches
  • Immediate hyzer flips
  • One-disc rounds.

How will I throw it?: Beginner to intermediate players will see straight flights with a moderate fade at flight’s end. As they become more accustomed to the disc, they will experience an even straighter finish. Advanced players will see moderate turn right off the bat. As it ages it will become an easy turnover disc.