Please Note: Actual stamp and disc color combinations will vary from sample images.

Halo Star Valkyrie

The Innova Halo Valkyrie provides a fresh, new look to the timeless distance driver that makes everyone’s game better.

Notice: Stamp Color Combinations will vary. Halo effect will vary.

How the Valkyrie flies: At only a 9-speed, the Innova Valkyrie may seem like a sleeper of a distance driver, but this classic neutral to understable driver has tremendous power potential. Don’t forget that for ten years the Valkyrie held the World Distance Record at 820 feet. It’s a great choice for tailwind or downhill drives. *Halo Star discs typically have slightly more stability and glide than their Star counterparts.

Halo Valkyrie Flight Numbers: 9 / 4 / -2 / 2

Use the Valkyrie for:

  • Big distance opportunities
  • Long turnovers
  • Intermediate distance driver

The Halo Disc Process: The unique two-tone injection process results in beautiful, durable discs with a “Halo” rim that is a distinctly different color than the flight plate.